A Cruel Joke One Night I Played

(Note: This is a follow-up to my other poem "A Cruel Joke One Day I Played" and you should probably read that one first.)

A big grin crept across my face
Whilst hiding there beside her lace

The hour late, the timing right
The harvest moon cast spooky light

The notion first occurred to me
One day while watching her make tea

She'd knocked the salt and spilt some out
Then tossed a pinch, which left no doubt

Her superstitions thus gave rise
To impish plans I would devise

I'd start with subtle hints to find
Preparing her subconscious mind:

Her looking glass now bore a crack;
A stray cat happened to be black;

Umbrellas open in the hall
And other whispers, each one small

The calendar—another boon:
Friday thirteenth—full of the moon!

Like my capriccio last year
I knew a scolding I would hear

While all at home lay fast asleep
Into her wardrobe I did creep

I'd laid a rig upon the floor
And passed some twine above the door

All set, I moaned with eerie rasp
And from her bed there came a gasp

Then with a shriek and one good yank
I raised my "ghost"; fulfilled my prank!

She screamed and fled; ran down the lane
My laughter I could not contain!

For until then I did not know:
A sleeping gown she did forgo

A cruel joke one night I played
Upon the lass who was our maid

Parker Allen Stacy, IV

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