Are You She?

I watched you arrive just now
And walk across the parking lot.
And I had returned to my book
When a few moments more,
To my surprise, you glided past me,
Beside the row of carrels, and
Smiled at me politely when I
Looked up, then took a seat—
Just one or two back
Behind me.

I have been told, by so many,
That we each have a single mate:
A soul mate—a single person
We are destined to be with
In this life and the next.
And I have been told, by so many,
That I will meet my special someone
When I least expect it—
When I turn around one day
She will be there.

And I sat and squirmed and struggled
To read and focus on my book.
Instead, I heard the knock of
The air conditioner and felt its chill;
And heard you rustle a bit, settling in;
And I felt the impersonal hardness of my chair;
And I noticed others come and go in the lot;
And I heard all those words of all those many
And wondered if I should stand and turn and ask:
Are you she?

Parker Allen Stacy, IV

Copyright 2009 Parker Allen Stacy, IV. All Rights Reserved.

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