Four Words

Written words, spoken words.
Long words, short words, new words, olde words.
Words that inspire.
Words used at work and at play.
Words to encourage or discourage.
Words to guide and shape a mind.
Words to describe, to paint, inform.
Words Mother spoke and were barely heard
Walking towards the new elementary school.
Words become ingrained in the fabric of a life
And in the fabric of a nation. One day they will become
Ingrained in the common fabric of this world.
All the people here will hear familiar words
That resonate the peace and harmony and splendor
Of that day—but we are still a ways from that,
Yet each day we make progress on that path;
Sometimes with a couple steps forward
And sometimes we take a step back,
But together we will all get there.
Let us choose good words, kind words, loving words.
Words that build and guide and shape
With gentle, loving care and respect,
For all.

Parker Allen Stacy, IV

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