Its Return Is Abhorred

Repeated itself again and again
This tragic device, creation of men
Unending, its themes of war and of strife
They pick up a stone, they raise up a knife

And weapons they grow in number and strength
The art of war soars in breadth and in length
And when at long last a truce can be reached
It seems without fail, in time it is breached

Although in between some progress is made
Couples unite just to lounge in the shade
Artists they sing and they dance with great joy
Writers write poems of girls playing coy

Explorers light out to far away lands
Greeted with smiles and outreaching hands
At ease, safe and sound, we breathe deep and wide
From whitecapping sea to crisp mountainside

In time smiles fade and so does the charm
As men's thoughts return to those of just harm
And so return nightmares and shattering glass
Its return is abhorred, and yet it has

Parker Allen Stacy, IV

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