Several untitled text message mini-poems

(Note: The mini-poems below were sent via text message with a restriction of 160 characters or less. There were no line-breaks in the originals, but they have been added to some here, to add shape.)

Six stones sat silently, still
Listening as a leaf lightly rustled,
Slid, stopped, rested, then skidded away.
One stone sighed, the rest nodded.
A cat stretched.

— PASIV 4/17/2009

A rusted mailbox with its flag lowered slouches at the end of a long, rough driveway, waiting for a letter that, each day, does not arrive.

— PASIV 4/18/2009

As my father steps onto the deck to turn burgers in the winter night, a gentle, fluffy snowflake floats down swaying & lands on the exposed bars of the grill.

— PASIV 4/20/2009

They meet & sit & sip hot drinks;
Each one wonders what th' other thinks;
Hopes 2 seem unique & bright;
Tries as well 2 keep it light;
Praying 4 a kiss good night.

— PASIV 4/20/2009

In silence, in total darkness, she sits on the ground, legs crossed, arms relaxed, and breathes.
After several minutes, she's fully relaxed, he is there too.

— PASIV 4/21/2009

Howmanyquirkyyears HaveyieldedAprilsnow? HowmanyhaveIleft Untilmyfinalshow? Howmanyquietdays Untilyoumakeyourchoice? Howmanysilentnights UntilIhearyourvoice?

— PASIV 4/22/2009

Christmas morning I tiptoed past your room & downstairs & made coffee & toast for us as quietly as I could. After an hour I went to wake you, but you were gone.

— PASIV 4/22/2007

When skies are lit
And thunder hear,
There's none that I
Would rather near;
Than you my sweet, my love, my dear;
Oh darling, how I wish you were here.

— PASIV 4/23/2009

While walking o'er a shaded bridge
I enjoy the soothing, steady bubbling of the brook below, which gently fades to naught while I continue my traverse.

— PASIV 4/26/2009

… down a dark, uncertain, lonely path.

— PASIV 4/26/2009

2 the beach! Yes, yes 2 the beach!
We'll pack 2 swimsuits each.
Oh, golden days spent riding waves;
& balmy nights with candle lights
& dancing in the streets.

— PASIV 4/27/2009

What a joy: an ice cream soda with two straws;
Sharing a laugh in a darkened theater;
A high-five after the 8-ball drops;
A long, warm embrace with both arms.

— PASIV 4/28/2009

I am a paper kite this morning floating;
Lifted effortlessly by the spring breeze;
Held in clear skies;
Barely tethered to the earth w/invisible line;

— PASIV 4/29/2009

I saw 3 ships w/ 3 sails each;
Sailing 4 a distant beach;
One that they will never reach;
Fore wicked storms yet will teach;
THEY're gatekeepers of the beach.

— PASIV 5/1/2009

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