Some Exercise Would Do Me Good

Some exercise would do me good
(Deep down inside I knew I should)
Yet faltered with the cold air's nip,
That moment's hesitation grip.

Dressed head to toe in running gear
And with a band to warm my ear
Yet just a step outside my door
My healthy joy did seem a chore.

Besides, the race is months away
So, what's the harm to skip one day?
With that decision came a chime;
I pondered how to spend the time.

Athletics in the house won't do;
Convinced it was the wrong venue
I chose instead to treat myself:
Luxuriate as though of wealth.

Instead of pounding on the street,
With tightened lungs and aching feet,
I'd lounge and give those feet a lift
And start a film—a recent gift.

I bounded up the narrow stair
To slip into my softest wear;
With cocoa and a cookie tin,
All comfy, let the show begin!

At intermission, freshened up:
Another tin, another cup,
What genre shall I next perchance?
A comedy? Perhaps romance?

And thus I gobbled up my day;
My private, day-long matinee;
Enjoyed and relished all the more
For countless miles theretofore.

Parker Allen Stacy, IV

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