Thank you for bearing with me while I get my digital house in order. I do have several plates spinning at the moment and am hoping not to drop any of them. Again, thank you for your patience.

I've been using this Wiki site to host my poetry only for the past several months, but I will be moving it to a new website soon. In the meantime, I'm also setting up a new blog.

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About Parker Stacy


What a nice time I had tonight at the Atlanta Tweetup (twitter: #tntatl) at @FuegoMundo! Here's the badge I threw together for the occasion. It was pretty well received. Only @TarynP noticed the faux links at the bottom of the badge (and asked me about them anyway). Thanks to her and Todd for organizing the event. It was a lot of fun.

Special thanks to @kcolier (aka Kristin) for the laminating setup, and ride to and from the event.

My Poetry


A collection of my recent poetry. I've had ample time recently to reflect on many aspects of my life and life in general, and I've capture some of my thoughts in a few poems. I hope you enjoy them.

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