The Horrible Homograph

Or, should I say:
For, which is which?

And is it clearer to say, that
I read
or that
I read
Hmm…? What thinkest thou?

Perhaps that is why,
In my youth,
I gravitated toward the Sciences:
Less ambiguity.

Words should convey the story
And let the story contain the mystery.

Conduct and conduct
How a six-year-old behaved in class,
Or what one, perhaps three score more,
Does to an orchestra full of peers?

And wind and wind: how silly, really,
To muddle and twist the language so,
When just a gentle "H" could clarify!

I mind not the weather and whether
Or the which's and witches of the world
(Well, most anyhow—a few made the list)
And embrace the word "cleave"
'Tis diabolically clever: its own antonym!
But, the horrible homograph just won't do.

Parker Allen Stacy, IV

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