This Midnight Sky

The biting wind is firm up here
Yet goes unnoticed; lost in thought
Of how your voice I long to hear;
Of holidays we shared each year
And sentimental gifts I've bought;

Of how we had to say goodbye:
The final look upon your face;
That blaze of fire in your eye,
Familiar as this midnight sky,
I watched it leave, and leave no trace;

Of bravery right through the end;
You fought the Devil and the pain:
The Devil simply would not bend,
Your body just refused to mend,
Yet, never once did you complain.

And lo, these months I've tried my best
To soldier on in agony
Through sleepless nights, their cruel unrest;
The crushing weight within my breast;
Without you, Love, there's nought for me.

One sigh, one step, I'm nearly there;
My final view: a starry night;
The wind, now warming, strokes my hair;
The scent of lilac fills the air;
One moment hence, we'll reunite!

Parker Allen Stacy, IV

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