Two Roads Diverged in a Wooded Glen

(Note: This poem is related to Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken" which you should probably read first.)

Two roads diverged in a wooded glen
And it seemed a simple choice to make:
I'd give them each a thoughtful look, then
Pleased with my selection, draw my pen
And draft my notion of which to take,

When I noticed something very queer:
Another road had come into view.
As if by magic I watched it appear,
And now my choice a bit less clear:
One of three, instead of only two.

Then a fourth, and a fifth, six-, seven-, eight
Ways, all similar, looking round
I saw some were crooked and some were straight.
Now what to do? Just one is my fate!
Panicked, I froze and my pen hit the ground.

I stood agape in this modern day
And thought of the seven mistakes:
Too scared to choose and risk the wrong way;
Afraid I'd look back in dismay
And see choices that led to heartaches.

Parker Allen Stacy, IV

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